Wall of Windows

interior design solutions utilizing natural light

While a wall of windows can sometimes be a challenge for my clients, it doesn't have to be! I often remind my clients that while natural light is beautiful it can be damaging to furniture and rugs. Using window film protection on the windows will save fabrics, floors and rugs from fading. 

A large wall of windows creates a breathtaking interior design presentation. Shutters are used here on the bottom half only.  I often suggest leaving the transom window open to allow as much natural light to enter the room as possible.  The green foliage of the trees sets a distinct backdrop of color.  I love pulling in the same pallet of colors from outdoors inside, especially on the pillows featured here!

A pretty choice in wall color here - Watery Sherwin Williams - adds a glow to a large-scale room.  While not too dark, the color palette this choice allows you to use on furniture and rugs is endless.  White furniture combined with the lighter window trim provides perfect contrast.