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Working closely with her clients, Laurie’s focus as an interior designer is on identifying and understanding the unique needs of each customer. Laurie's ability to interpret and guide each customer’s vision results in beautifully choreographed spaces and placement of the interior design elements within.  From custom drapery and window treatments to full room remodeling, each project is tailored specifically to be visually pleasing as well as support the functional use of each living space.

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Laurie is an interior design consultant, specializing in custom drapery and window treatments. An interior designer based out of Nashua, New Hampshire, Laurie has 25 years of experience designing and delivering projects for home and businesses throughout Southern New Hampshire, the Seacoast and Massachusetts. Laurie’s focus is on defining living spaces with color, fabric and texture. The idea that ‘no two spaces are alike’ rings true as she takes pride in creating a client’s space to suit their own needs. The result is delivering classic designs that fit and enhance each unique space.  Laurie Coffey Custom Interior Design is a registered Associate of the most comprehensive and prestigious certification available for window design professionals and authorities in the complex world of custom window fashions and custom drapery.