From a young age, it was clear that Laurie had a passion for being creative. She taught herself to sew at the age of eight years old, finding great inspiration in her grandmother, an artist and seamstress. Sewing her way through grade-school, Laurie kept improving her skills, finding encouragement in her grandmother and challenging herself to excel. She continued to make her own clothing throughout high school and college, falling in love with fabrics and creative elements along the way.

Upon receiving her college degree, Laurie began her career in nursing. At night and on weekends she would eventually attend eight years of professional sewing lessons, following her other passion for designing and fabricating. Laurie fell in love with the vast number of options with different trim, tassels, colors and fabric textures. She loved mixing and matching fabrics to coordinate beauty in window décor for her own homes. From there her business began.

She connected with several workrooms and sourced the highly skilled local craftspeople and artisans she continues to work collaboratively with today. While her responsibilities are mostly client facing, she still has her hands on her various sewing machines. Laurie provides direction, working closely with her team through the fabrication process, before she installs every project personally.